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The Lodge

Let the Lodge be your home away from home: where comfort meets Kenyan wilderness.

Perched in the shadow of  Mt. Kilimanjaro at the border of Tsavo National Park, Chyulu Wilderness Camp provides an unforgettable journey to Kenya. The land is rented from the Maasai community and is situated with the 283,000-acre Maasai Group Ranch. The site covers 800 hectares and is equipped with its own private runway (45-minute flight to Nairobi). Trained personnel and emergency equipment are present at the camp; the camp plane can get to an excellent hospital within an hour.

To live this back-to-nature experience fully, there is no cellphone connection or WiFi. Students will have access to the internet in the library for specific tasks relating to the programme.  Our Camp Directors are in constant communication with families and schools.

Organic produce harvested locally supplies our well-trained chefs who adhere to safe food standards and prepare meals respecting all diets. In addition, all drinking water at the camp has gone through a filtration system.



Chyulu Wilderness Camp can welcome up to 60 students to the camp during each programme. Each tent can house two students with an en-suite bathroom and is safely placed on wooden galleries. Boys and girls are in separate accommodations.

The camp has been designed to respect traditional Maasai architecture and culture. It boasts a traditional African lounge, dining room, library, conference room, outdoor fireplace and cafe.

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