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A true African experience, a unique programme, putting conservation, adventure, eco-tourism and sustainability first.

Sample program 

CAS and EPQ programs

At Chyulu Wilderness Camp, campers participate in projects across four main areas – Adventure Expedition, Community Volunteering, Conservation, and Mindfulness – for a memorable, hands-on experience of eco-tourism and sustainable development in the heart of the African savannah. For students aged 15 and above preparing for their high school diploma, our programme explicitly fulfils the requirements of CAS for the IB and EPQ at the A-Level. Tailored programs can be made, with activities including tree planting, football tournament organization, school visits, sustainable farming, carbon offsetting, film making, photography, conservation projects in link with the Maasai Wilderness Conservatoin Trust,  and many more, based on student interests. 

Summer Camps

The camp also welcomes students for leisure only, with our July and August Summer Camps. These summer camps can welcome up to 60 students from all over the world, and offer a week of discovery and adventures. Activities include hikes in the Cloud Forest, visit to the local village and school, arts and crafts, Tsavo National Park, lion tracking, and many more. Find out more!



Trek into the heart of Africa with outdoor adventure and wildlife spotting led by Maasai guides and rangers on foot or in safari jeeps.  Explore the cloud forest of the Chyulu Hills, one of the most iconic landscapes on the continent, to analyse its biodiversity in the company of guides and a botanist.


Live in harmony with your surroundings, learning how nature can be a resource of value to local landholders and how humans and wildlife can sustainably co-exist. Our hands-on projects put you at the source to assess and action effective solutions.



Offer your time and support to the community, spending time with Maasai children, organising community sports and participating in traditional arts & crafts.


Develop your understanding of the African culture, gaining experience of autonomy, meditation, self-realisation and African traditions to enrich your mind and enhance your well-being. You will be encouraged to step outside your comfort zone and build self-confidence.

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