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Our Story


Inspired by Nature

Powered by the Sun

Purpose built in 2020, Chyulu Wilderness Camp is the first fossil fuel-free, carbon-negative eco-lodge in Africa.


This innovative venture was born from a collaboration between Rosey Aventures and the Le Rosey Fondation with an ambitious mission: to transform agricultural lands into protected, thriving wetlands and through this, offer a life-changing experience to international students in one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. 

Solar Thermal Panels

Photovoltaic panels provide electricity and hot water to the lodge. Lithium batteries by Tesvolt guarantee full power during the night, with no need of running a generator.

Retro-Fitted Vehicles

Retrofitted electric Land Rovers carry out daily transportation tasks, and provide a near silent journey through the bush.


Planting trees for the Million Trees Project and making the trip a carbon negative, combining the absorption and offsetting of carbon, which will result in less carbon in the atmosphere.

Induction Kitchens

Kitchen appliances are powered by induction rather than fossil fuel. Their electromagnetic heating elements deliver more energy directly into your food than gas or electric ranges.

Drip Irrigation

Grey & black waters are treated through sustainable processes while drip irrigation takes care of vegetable cultivation needs.

Regenerative Tourism

Offsetting international flights emissions with Chyulu REDD+ Carbon Credits, with an endorsement by UN Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity, Edward Norton.

Sustainability Initiatives

Camp Directors

Our team is made up of experts trained in wildlife conservation, education, camp direction, hospitality and management.

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