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Enrichment Activities

For students aged 15 and above preparing for their high school diploma, our programme explicitly fulfils the requirements of CAS for the IB and the EPQ at the A-Level.


Although we have a proven standard programme, we can work with schools to create something bespoke. A sample programme and a list of enrichment activities can be found here.



Make a film or documentary about the Maasai; learn the Maasai language; explore Hemmingway’s Africa; discover the art of bushcraft.


Participate in various sporting activities, as well as a full-day trek to the cloud forest; read footprints and identify animal droppings; understand and use the rangeland and wildlife monitoring tool SMART (Spatial Monitoring And Reporting Tool)


Work on an organic, local farm; help to reforest Maasailand by planting trees; teach in a primary school to share your knowledge with students.

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